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Interactive Marketing

In today's high tech world, marketing can be taken to new heights!  Utilizing augmented reality, Tech Tink N Teach can create "smart" ads and marketing on any poster, flyer, or picture.  When your client scans this "smart" poster, flyer or pic, an augmented reality pops out and can include videos, pictures, links, urls, and much more.  This can take business to new heights.  In this social media and video dominated society, taking your business to augmented reality marketing can increase your reach to your market.  Restaurants can turn their menus to scannable pictures of their plates! Promo flyers can be scanned to show the artist latest video, website link, and contact info! Designers can embed videos into their clients invitations! MUCH MUCH MORE POSSIBILITIES! 

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What is Interactive Marketing?

Today's world is running on technology.  Mobile marketing and exposure is at its highest peak ever!  Mix that in with the ability to create Augmented Reality (AR) marketing adds, and now we are bridging the gap between print and the digital world!  Through our interactive marketing campaign, we enable our clients to connect with their audience like never before through smartphones, tablets, and devices.  

AR is a cutting edge technology that adds layers of digital information - videos, 3d models, live streams, photo, audio - directly on items in the world around us!


How does AR Interactive marketing work?

Lets Put It To The TEST!

1.  Download the Layar App!

2.  Once the app is downloaded, scan the picture below of Hands on Coding for a sample!

Scan the flier with Layar App for a surprise!


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